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Solid Oak Adjustable Standing Desk with Anti-Collision

Solid Oak Adjustable Standing Desk with Anti-Collision

Normaalihinta €509,99
Normaalihinta €1.199,00 Alennushinta €509,99
Alennusmyynti Loppuunmyyty
Sisältää veron.
Frame Color
*Cable Management Tray and Grommet Package will be the colours of the legs you ordered for the table!
If you want to change the colour, please specify this when ordering in the comments!

The beautiful design & outstanding craftsmanship will complement any home or office space providing a complete makeover! Guaranteed!

      All tabletops are processed with a protective layer inside-out building a micro-pores shield that protects the surface from daily risks as stains from drinks like coffee, tea, coca-cola, or any other. This procedure brings a high value with it because it guarantees to extend the lifetime of the product.


      • Height (mm*): 666-1166 *excl. foot (31-41mm) and tabletop (20mm) 
      • Noise level: 38-48dB | very smooth and quiet 
      • Velocity/Speed: 32 - 40 mm/s
      • Max load: 120kg incl. tabletop +
      • Electronic system: ECS+ / iDrive 
      • Smart Anti-Collision advanced system
      • 2 Stroke | Square Down in mm (70x70; 60x60) 
      • Control panel available in 2 options:
      • Up/Down button (as a standard)
      • Up/Down + 4 memory buttons (optional)
      • Made in EU

      Available sizes:

      • 120cm x 80cm
      • 140cm x 80cm
      • 160cm x 80cm
      • 180cm x 80cm

      Available Oak Finishes:

      • Amber Oak
      • Golden Oak
      • Hazelnut Oak
      • Dark Oak
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