Solid Oak Inside-Out Protection

Solid Oak Inside-Out Protection

All tabletops have a protective layer applied from the inside out, creating a micropore barrier that shields the surface from hazards like spills of coffee, tea, coca-cola, and other liquids.  This process has a high value because it promises to increase the product's lifespan.

Royal Office upholds the idea that the manufacturing process must be safe for the product's final customers as well as for the environment. In surface treatment procedures, we employ wood oils based on hard wax combinations and natural vegetable oils (sunflower, linseed, soybean, and carnauba, among others).


Using clean, sustainable plant resources as raw materials has the following fundamental benefits:


  • employing natural oils and waxes to preserve and protect the natural appearance of wood as much as possible,
  • Binders in wood finishing products penetrate the wood deeply and shield it from the inside,
  • Highly secure and tolerant to individuals, even those with severe allergies (EN 73-1),
  • Pigments also can be utilized without endangering the safety of food or causing any health problems.
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